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    ICAP sites

    We’ve identified a new way in which child sexual abuse material is being distributed which increases the risk of internet users stumbling across this criminal material.

    These “invite child abuse pyramid” sites, or ICAP sites for short, incentivise users to share links to child sexual abuse sites far and wide in a “scattergun” approach with spams links on a variety of platforms such as social media and chatrooms among others.

    The criminals running the sites benefit from increased web traffic and additional income with offenders potentially buying further videos of child sexual abuse and creating their own links to spam to others.

    We first identified these sites in July. Thousands of reports have now been received by our hotline which are linked to this method of distribution.

    What can we do about this?

    We’ve been briefing law enforcement, our sister hotlines and technology companies to alert them to this new way of distributing child sexual abuse material which puts internet users at greater risk. We will continue to monitor this closely through 2023.