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    Hotline audit

    We welcomed four independent inspectors into IWF at the request of our Board. Led by retired High Court Judge Sir Mark Hedley, they were asked to:

    • Comment on whether the Hotline and Administrators’ Manuals are fit for purpose and whether the procedures are complied with by staff.
    • Quality check active child sexual abuse URLs and hash images for consistency of decision-making and managerial oversight.
    • Sample previous child sexual abuse content screen captures for consistency of decision-making and managerial control mechanisms.
    • Review and comment on administration in discharging content assessment complaints.
    • Consider Internet Content Analysts’ training requirements to enable them to undertake their roles confidently and accurately.
    • Sample work of the Quality Assurance team to ensure adequate, objective and representative testing and reporting mechanisms.
    • Review Hotline security arrangements and conformance with ISO/IEC 27001.
    • Review and comment on Hotline welfare arrangements including recruitment processes, counselling arrangements and general support mechanisms comparing with other models of good practice in law enforcement and other professions.

    They concluded that:

    “The IWF is an extremely professional and well-managed organisation led by a strong but caring and compassionate leadership team. The mission is clearly understood by all staff members who are committed to protecting children from the serious harms that can be inflicted by the perpetrators of online child sexual abuse.” – Keith Niven QPM, National CAID IT Implementation Lead, Norfolk Constabulary.”

    Keith Niven QPM, National CAID IT

    Implementation Lead, Norfolk Constabulary.

    The full report is published on the IWF website.