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    Our work with the adult sector

    We’re working on a two-year pilot project in partnership with MindGeek to develop a model of good practice to support the adult industry in combatting child sexual abuse material online.

    MindGeek, a technology company, operates a number of brands which offer legal, adult-themed content to a global audience. They have implemented a number of trust and safety measures to keep their platforms and users safe and prevent the upload/re-upload of illegal material. These include mandatory identification for content creators, hash-list scanning, AI tools, human moderation, deterrence messaging, a trusted flagger programme and user reporting options.

    During the two-year project, MindGeek will supplement its existing trust and safety programme by taking and deploying all relevant IWF services across its platforms including the URL List, Hash List, Non-photographic Imagery List and Keywords List.

    The partnership began in November and is being overseen by an external advisory board of experts who will guide the outputs of the partnership.

    The partnership aims to:

    • Develop a model of good practice to guide the adult industry in combatting child sexual abuse imagery online;
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of IWF services when deployed across MindGeek’s brands;
    • Combine technical and engineering expertise to scope and develop solutions which will assist with the detection, disruption and removal of child sexual abuse material online.

    The project’s progress will be reviewed at set intervals and reported into the IWF Board. Key learnings from the project will be shared publicly to support others’ work in this area.