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    Nominet Fund for Countering Online Harm

    Nominet, the official registry for UK domain names, started the Countering Online Harm Fund in December 2019 to offer child protection networks additional resources to respond to ever-changing threats to children online.

    Nominet’s partnership with the IWF has enabled our tech team to grow and take risks, going beyond day-to-day operations to be truly innovative in our mission to develop technology for good.

    The fund has enabled us to create and expand a dedicated software engineering team and to invest in infrastructure to scale up bespoke tools developed in-house to find, assess, and remove child sexual abuse material online.

    The team at Nominet share IWF’s mission to see a safer internet for all, free of child sexual abuse material. The partnership has had a transformative effect on our ability to develop technology that enhances our work, increasing impact and helping to counter online harm through the removal of child sexual abuse material from the internet.