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    A young boy covers his face in a poster for Help Children be Children campaign

    IWF reporting portals

    Many countries around the world have no current way for their citizens to report suspected online child sexual abuse imagery. This is why we have established a global network of reporting portals which provide an online link directly to our team of expert analysts in the UK.  

    We work in partnership with local government, police, industry, funders and charities to set up and promote the portals, which are customised webpages locallybranded to suit the host country. When reports are confirmed as criminal by the team in our UK Hotline, we work to have the images and videos removed from the internet.      

    We’re proud to have 50 active portals today – 51 including the UK – which give billions of people globally a safe place to report suspected pictures and videos online and help to prevent the repeat victimisation of those who’ve already suffered the worst kinds of abuse. 

    In 2022 we partnered with two leading global organisations to launch portals for use in more than one country or nation.  

    Our long-term partnership with the US-based International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) led to the launch of the IWF/ICMEC Reporting Portal for people in any country without a reporting solution to anonymously report child sexual abuse imagery.  

    ICMEC CEO, Bob Cunninghamsaid: “Child sexual abuse material is a global problem that demands a global solution. The trauma for victims of child sexual abuse continues every time images or videos of their abuse are viewed. Through our partnership with IWF to bring reporting capabilities to every citizen around the world, we are stopping the further abuse of children and making the internet a safer place for everyone.”   

    We also partnered with one of Africa’s largest telecommunications providers and IWF Member MTN to launch the Child Safety Online Africa Portal. While 23 countries in Africa already have their own reporting portal or hotline, the Child Safety Online Africa Portal will be accessible in countries where there is not yet a reporting mechanism to ensure even more countries on the continent are able to report child sexual abuse material.   

    Nompilo Morafo, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer at MTN said: “Protecting children online is a global challenge, which requires a global approach. As we lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress, we have a critical role in ensuring that every African child is kept safe online. In alignment with our African values, we need to join forces to create a safe online village for our children. One where they are free from fear, humiliation, and abuse. One where they can have a normal childhood.”