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    Geographical hosting: Domains

    Unique domains

    This is the second year that we have published two contrasting sets of domain analysis data, with a view to providing additional insights into the distribution and hosting hotspots of child sexual abuse images and videos across different countries and internet infrastructures.

    Specifically, while URL-level data indicates the number of reports and actions required to notify and remove this content, that granular detail may obfuscate the prevalence, or number, of unique domains identified to be hosting child sexual abuse material when analysed in different contexts.

    For clarity, the diagram below sets out the domain naming conventions used throughout this report.

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    Number of unique second level domains by country (from number 11 onwards)

    Number of unique domains abused to host child sexual abuse material

    The data represented above shows the number of unique websites we identified to be hosted in each country. Each unique website was only counted once and attributed to its host country at the time of assessment. If a website changed its hosting country location at any point during the year, then the site was counted in each of the locations it was encountered. These numbers do not represent the individual number of URLs or reports that were actioned for each unique website.