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    In partnership with Stop It Now! UK and Ireland, we developed a chatbot to help deter potential offenders from searching for child sexual abuse material and divert them to sources of support to change their behaviour. The project has been funded by the Safe Online Initiative at End Violence.

    It targets internet users who show signs that they might be looking for images of child sexual abuse. Technology company MindGeek volunteered to pilot the chatbot on the Pornhub UK platform as part of its trust and safety protocol, which also includes content moderation programmes and non-profit partnerships.

    The chatbot was launched in March and the project will be evaluated by Associate Professor Jeremy Pritchard and Dr Joel Scanlan from the University of Tasmania. The evaluation is funded by Childhood Foundation and the Safe Online Initiative at End Violence and is expected to finish late 2023.

    This is the first project of its kind to use chatbot technology to intervene when people attempt to search for sexual images of children and try to help them stop, or not start, offending.

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