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    What it is like to lead the IWF Hotline

    As IWF Hotline Manager, Tamsin McNally guides and supports a busy team who have the very difficult but important job of viewing and assessing child sexual abuse imagery every day.

    In a recent blog, she provides insight into a typical working day, where she manages both our 14-strong team of Hotline Analysts who assess public reports and ensure criminal content is removed, as well as the Taskforce team of 14 who view and grade hundreds of images a day for the UK Government’s Child Abuse Image Database.

    Her days are varied and involve her being able to switch from presenting meetings for external partners, such as law enforcement with whom we work closely, to providing advice to a distressed member of the public who has stumbled across child sexual abuse content online.

    In the blog, Tamsin, who has been with the IWF for more than eight years, stresses how important it is that she looks after the welfare of her team, whom she regards as some of the best people she has ever worked with.

    Tamsin says: “People say that this is one of the hardest jobs out there. It’s not right for everyone, but the people working here make me so ridiculously proud. They are fantastic people doing an incredibly difficult, but important, job.”

    Read Tamsin’s blog in full.